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Activision Announces New Transformers: War for Cybertron DLC

Activision announced today that there will indeed be upcoming DLC for Transformers: War for Cybertron. And why not? The game shattered the long chain of terrible Transformers video games and received a general two-thumbs up from the gaming community.

Danke, Activision. Children of the 80’s thank you.

The new DLC will add five new characters to the roaster. Only problem is, three of the characters are pre-order characters, that some people were paying over $100 for, in the hopes of being part of a small minority of gamers who had these characters. D’oh!



In addition to the characters, there will also be four brand new maps : Autobot and Decepticon Escalation maps, and two new maps for competative multi-player mode.

According to Activision the new DLC will be available next week, but no price has been given yet.

Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to need a little bit of energon and a whole lot of luck before I see some Dinobots DLC. Sad face.

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