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Bird Strike Featherlite Edition Free for iPhone and iPod Touch, Right Meow

New Fully Featured Version of Popular Action Puzzle iPhone Game Now Available for Free

PikPokTM today announced that everyone’s favorite rocket riding Twitter bird clone: Gerald, will once again soar across the screens of iPhones and iPod Touches with Bird StrikeTM Featherlite Edition. The initial edition of Bird Strike did exceptionally well with more than 1.4 million downloads since its release. The game mechanics revolve around players launching Gerald the Bird from pole wires (a’la slingshot style) into the air at high velocities to see how high he can go. Vertically navigate your way through the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere while collecting rockets and pick-ups that will help him soar higher and avoid obstacles that would stop his ascent.

In Bird Strike Featherlite Edition, gamers will be offered unlimited replayability for players of all ages with an endless gamplay mode, OpenFeint Challenges, Leaderboards, Achievements and more.

The game can be downloaded for free at:

“The Bird Strike community has been very supportive and we want to continue to grow the number of people that are playing a version of the game,” said Jos Ruffell, manager of the PikPok label. “By offering this free Featherlite Edition, we can introduce a new audience of players to the world of Bird Strike as we continue to update the gameplay.”

Bird Strike Featherlite Edition is a fully featured free version of the popular addictive puzzle platform. This version of the game features:

  • Limitless replayability
  • OpenFeint Challenges, Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Fun filled pickups and powers ups to help you soar higher!
  • Unique Tilt and Boost Gameplay
  • Gerald the Bird!!
  • Very high quality cartoon style art

For more information on Bird Strike, please visit:

If you own an iPhone/Pad and can spare some storage space, this is a must. Fly safe and stay awesome.

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