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New Red Dead Redeption: Legends and Killers Screens Revealed

Rockstar has revealed the new images from their upcoming DLC pack: Legends and Killers.

The Legends and Killers pack will feature nine new multiplayer maps, eight multiplayer characters featured in Red Dead Revolver, and the Tomahawk projectile weapon.

Along with the new maps and characters, comes a few new Achievements and Tophies will be up for grabs. Legends and Killers will be released on PSN and XBL for $9.99/800 MSP next month.

If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, be sure to stay tuned for more upcoming Zombie DLC for Red Dead Redemption.

To date Red Dead Redeption has sold over 2,475,900 units in the US alone.

[images via Game Press]

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