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Plants vs Zombies confirmed for XBLA this Fall

PopCap’s announced that Plants vs Zombies will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade this September for 1200 MSP ($15.00 US).

Last week I was perusing through my 360 game library and noticed that I didn’t have Plants vs Zombies. Obviously having a major brain fart and forgetting that it was released in 2009 on PC and Mac and has yet to make its way to the console market. So imagine my surprise when a few days later I received a press release informing me that critically acclaimed and PopCap’s top-grossing iPhone game would be making its way to XBLA this fall.

What surprised me even more was that PopCap revealed there would be even more game content than the previous iteration of the franchise, boasting seven games modes, including two all-new multiplayer modes, 12 unique achievement and 21 mini-games.

In addition, PopCap has also confirmed that there will be a boxed edition for the Xbox 360, which will include Plants vs Zombies, Zuma, and Peggle “later this year”, with a Game of The Year version launching on PC and Mac at the same time (a limited number of which will include a zombie figurine).

Although tower defense games are nothing new Plants vs Zombies adds an imaginative touch to every detail. Innovative and beautifully designed this is a must for the hardcore gamer to the casual one.

Launch date is anticipated to be early September.

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