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Playbrains Releases Free Add-On for Babo Crash HD

One of the most addictive iPhone games just got even better.

Babo Crash HD by Ottawa based game developer Playbrains is a puzzle based game featuring the characters from the popular Madballs in Babo: Invasion shooter that is available both on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade.

If you haven’t played Babo Crash, “Bejeweled on steroids” is one of the most common phrases heard when one tries to describe the game experience. It is a match 3 game where players race the clock to smash gems and chain combos for big points. The Babo Crash twist is when the Babo characters enter the game to roll, zap, slime and blast gems off the screen for huge combos and massive points. The game is also known for its great soundtrack and celebrity voice cast including none other than Katey Sagal from Futurama. The popular soundtrack is even available as an album download from iTunes.

If you have already played Babo Crash HD and perhaps even beat the game’s challenging 20 levels. Playbrains has 2 more game modes for you and the add-on is totally free.

For those who want to take time out, Playbrains did just that. In Relaxo mode, the timer and the Chompiis are removed and you are challenged to get as big a score as you can over 20 challenging levels.

For the twitch gamer, Rush mode challenges you to score as big as you can in a single 75 second round. Chaining combos is everything in this mode.

To get started simply update your existing Babo Crash install or download the game from the Appstore to your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

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