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Space Empires: Battle For Supremacy Out Now On Facebook

Join the Galactic Bid for Dominance in the Latest and Greatest Entry in the Space Empires Legacy

Earlier this morning Nvinium Games Inc., a social entertainment and gaming network, announced the launch of Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy, a social RPG that will be available on Facebook. The game is set in a galaxy torn apart, and it’s up to you to take control over multiple systems and reign supreme over any who defy you. Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy is the latest installment in the Space Empires Legacy, which has garnered a huge following since its launch in 1993.

“Launching a Facebook game of this magnitude has certainly been a challenge, but I am extremely proud of what we have built,” said Matt Abrams, CEO of Nvinium Games. “Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy is an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone, from hardcore Space Empires fans and Sci-fi enthusiasts to the casual Facebook user. Bridging the gaps between these types of players has been our biggest goal, and we simply cannot wait to see all types of players embark on this journey together.”

Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy marks the beginning of a new chapter in the series that gives players the ultimate experience in a real-time 3D universe. The original Space Empires released in 1993, has become one of the top 4X strategy games and has spawned four sequels. The award-winning series’ most recent iteration, Space Empires V, features a completely updated UI and takes the player into a real-time rendered 3D universe. Space battles play out with incredible detail and realistic effects in a huge living and breathing galaxy. The series has received countless accolades for its creativity, originality, and mod-friendly environment.

Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy Game Features:

  • Detailed tactical combat pitting players to pilot the Command Ship and three Class 1 War Ships to take down their enemies (translation: Facebook friends)
  • An expansive galaxy to explore, with 100 solar systems each playing host to 15 planets
  • Access technology through research facilities and earn points over time with improvements and upgrades
  • Climb the leaderboards and master the four pillars of gameplay: military strength, empire dominance, racial superiority and crop mastery
  • Use structures and resources to conquer the galaxy one planet at a time
  • Test your mettle against friends and foes in real time, head to head battles for experience and bragging rights

For more information about Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy, the Facebook page is here, or follow them on Twitter, or check out their website

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  1. DDGW_Ronin says:

    This game uses the same formula as many social media games. Time in is the greatest reward, but strategy will play a bigger role in Space Empires as you need to use your time wisely to progress through the tech tree. This is a refreshing change from Zynga’s latest game developments that inundate the user with “purchase points” and demands for invites. Space Empires does employ a revenue system where users can spend real cash but it is not in your face and the rewards for spending a few bucks provide a more significant gameplay reward than the Zynga product.

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