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Worlds Are Colliding – Street Fighter vs Tekken Announced

During Capcom’s Comic Con press conference yesterday they finally put all rumors and speculation to an end, announcing that Streetfighter vs Tekken will in fact become a reality.

According to Capcom it’s being labeled Street Fighter X Tekken and will be in development for the Playstation and Xbox 360. The announcement of Street Fighter X Tekken marks a  historic point in the fighting genre. Divided for years by debate over which camp had the better fighting game and characters, now – for the first time ever, these characters will battle it out to determine who will reign supreme in the fighting genre.

Street Fighter X Tekken will utilize the same technology that powered Street Fighter IV & Super Street Fighter IV. Tekken characters crossing over have undergone re-imaging using the much loved art style of these seminal titles; while retaining their unique characteristics and signature moves.

As in Street Fighter IV, gameplay will feature fully realised 3D character models battling for domination in both new and familiar highly detailed 2D environments that are brought to life with engaging animations. In addition to modes such as Versus and Training that will feature new enhancements to make the fighting experience more in-depth and enjoyable, Street Fighter X Tekken will include Tag Team combat where players select two fighters to deliver knockout assist attacks and special combos.

The announcement was made by Street Fighter X Tekken Producer, Yoshinori Ono, and Tekken series Directer, Katsuhiro Harada. Commenting on the origins of this project Yoshinori Ono said: “This is history we’re making. Two fighting games that have rivalled each other are finally standing on the same stage. This isn’t just a showdown between Tekken and Street Fighter, but a decisive battle for Capcom and Namco Bandai Games. So I’m going to give it my all.”

Below is the footage shown at the Comic Con press conference in which Ono battles Harada on the PS3. No release date has been confirmed yet.

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