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5 Minute Preview of the Scott Pilgrim vs The World Video Game

Ubisoft’s game adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s six volume comic book series was released in the PlayStation Store this week (coming to XBLA the last week of August). The guys and girls over at Kotaku were kind enough to capture a 5 min preview of the awesome retro side-scrolling brawler.

Fans of old school games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight will no doubt be eager to pick this one up. All in all, the preview looks pretty solid. I’m especially impressed with Ubisoft’s attention to detail and homage to the local Toronto based story of Scott Pilgrim – at the 3:15 mark a public transit bus knocks Scott over and any Torontonian can tell you that is most definitely a TTC bus (they even added the terrible driving and obnoxious horn usage).

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