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Fantasty RPG ‘Kalos War’ Looking To Attract Attention With Month-Long Unlimited Access

The new browser-based free fantasy RPG ‘Kalos War’ has ended its closed beta testing and finally started its official commercial server on August 19th. If you’re interested in checking out the new game you can visit the official homepage at here, and enjoy the game without limitations! That means cash items as well, these can be acquired just by making small efforts to the game: creating a character will give you 10 Taler (in-game currency) and another 3 Taler can be gained by simply logging in once a day.

This event will run until the end of September. For other important updates there is also the official forum where players can learn about fixes, events, share strategies, tips and tricks.

The key features are:

– 28 jobs starting with Knight, Archer, Mage and Thief. Players can transfer jobs up to three times, as they get more EXP and Skill Points. (For chapter 1, job-transferring is restricted to one transfer.)
– 5 elements for each character: fire, water, earth, wind, lightning
– Bounty hunting between players
– Alchemy system
– Hidden dungeons and shops

Free-to-play browser-based games are a growing market and we’re continually seeing impressive strides in the complexity, graphical rendering, gameplay and overall experience of these games.

Although Kalos War does have its appealing qualities (I’m a sucker for Alchemy wielding bounty hunting) I’m having my reservations about its ability to rival browser-based favorites like Runescape, OGame, FIFA Online, or Bloodwars. It appears to be more of the same from the ancient fantasy mythos genre and other games of that ilk.

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