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Hanging out at FanExpo 2010

FanExpo Canada opened today in Toronto, Canada and we were on hand to check out the comics and gaming scene.

The show opened to a massive crowd of avid fans of comics, gaming, anime, graphic art and horror fiction. FanExpo is a complete ComicCon style show that includes vendor booths, displays, movie screenings, graphic art exhibitions, Q&A and autograph sessions with the some of the biggest names in the biz including Stan Lee, Adam West, Burt Ward, Michaeal Dorn to name but a few. (Click to view the complete guest list.) The Graphic Art sessions provide an opportunity for fans to meet and interact with dozens of seasoned veterans as well as the new rising stars in the comic and graphic novel scene.

I was impressed by the number of vendors this year, the amount of inventory and the amazing deals to be had on day one of the show. Many vendors have taken to offering their very best deals right when the show opens to maximize sales and exposure and judging by the number of bulging shopping bags leaving the convention centre, the fans certainly agree.

Shopping aside, we met some great artists, clothing designers and checked out the video game events. These are our favorites thus far;

Kirby Krackle, an alternative rock band, specializing in comic and game themed music is at the show with their latest CD.

Glitch Clothing is up from the US with what we think is some of the very best in video game clothing at very reasonable prices.
The One Million Comix booth is always a great place to find great deals on trade paperback comic collections and anime books.

The Zellers Gaming Tournament by Playgrounds Inc. is open to attendees with a different game each day. Saturday will feature a Street Fighter 4 tournament on the Xbox 360 and Sunday’s main event is Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. Gamers are encouraged to sign up and compete for a boatload of HBC Reward points.
2nd Prize, 5 Million Points
3rd Prize, 1 Million Points

Microsoft Canada is at the Expo with 2 displays. Gamers will have a chance to finally try out KINECT for the Xbox 360 as well as Halo Reach.

FanExpo is running all weekend, Aug 27-29 at the Metro Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. Check back here for more updates as DDGW Game Journalist, Jesse Ouimet covers the rest of the show.

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