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Jaws(TM) Game now available in the AppStore

Jaws(TM) Game now available in the AppStore
Game Name: Jaws(TM)
Platforms: iPhone, iPad
Publisher(s): Byte Mark
Developer(s): Playbrains
Genre(s): strategy, action, tracing
Release Date: August 2010
ESRB Rating: NA

Review Score4.0/5
Published by ByteMark Games and developed by Ottawa based studio PlayBrains, Jaws™ is a thrilling game based on the original motion picture from Universal Studios. Available Now at the Jaws™

In Jaws™, the player must steer swimmers safely out of the path of the oncoming shark when he attacks. While there is a shark threat indicator at the bottom of the screen, it is way more fun with the sound on. The Jaws™ anthem will dramatically warn of the next shark attack.

Jaws iPhone Trailer from Bytemark Games on Vimeo.

The game can be considered a line drawing game, a genre that has become very popular on the iPhone and iPad platforms. Like many titles from this pair of developers, it is quite original in its application.

Swimmers are directed with a flick in the direction you wish them to travel. Players will also need to draw paths to steer rescue boats and in the more challenging levels, fire the harpoon gun. The hardest levels require docking to drop off passengers as well.

This is a challenging, frantic and thrilling game. I was blown away by the ending. Huge game finales are extremely rare in iPhone gaming which makes this title well worth the asking price. The ability to replay any level without losing your progress makes it easy to show it off to friends (especially those who still have one of those weird flippy phones with a dial pad!). They will love the gore factor! It’s always fun to see the swimmers getting chomped.

A huge plus in my books, the game does come complete with Open Feint points and leaderboards. Feel free to find me there and let us know what you think of the game!
Openfeint User: DDGameWorld

To help you get in the mood to play the game, we have a free JAWS iPhone Wallpaper image for you. Click the image below to download.


  1. Now in the top 4 paid titles !!!

  2. BlackDoc says:

    Awesome game, sucks that you can’t be Jaws though! :-(

  3. Scratch that, as of 20:00 01 Sep 2010, Jaws is #1 on the AppStore, overtaking AngryBirds as the #1 paid app!

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