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Social Gaming Network itsmy Boosts its Mobile Gaming Playground with New Features

Mobile social game developer and gaming network itsmy announced today the expansion of their mobile browser game platform. Additions to the itsmy Playground  will provide new social features to enhance player experience and encourage networking and communication between gamers.

Currently itsmy has more than 50 social games developed and are played daily by gamers from over 80 countries via their mobile web browsers.

The new social features that itsmy has just launched include a Real friends and Game Buddies feature, which will allow gamers to receive cross and in-game notifications, whenever a friend starts playing a game in the itsmy world (think Xbox LIVE notifications)

Additionally, players will now have customization possibilities for Gamers Playgrounds, where they can add favorite games, buddies and trophies to the playground with the one single click, as well as choose themes in the look and feel of their favorite games.

itsmy will now be offering in-game gifting, a staple of any social game, itsmy has created relevant virtual gifts that can be unlocked, achieved or purchased to show on their playground or used to make new friends.

Lastly, in-game messaging will now be available for players to sen to a friend asking for help, to stay informed or to plan team strategies and exchange tips.

Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO itsmy “We’ve build an easy-to-use and pure mobile gaming platform for the whole world, for all phones and with connections to all online and mobile social networks, so that people can play games on their mobile phones with their friends no matter where they are, without downloading an App or starting a PC.” The co-founder adds “Mobile first is the way how we will play it – and in future there will be many big internet companies doing the same.”

All gaming features of itsmy’s mobile social gaming playground are available for all mobile phones with internet access at

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