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The Closed Beta Test of the new browser based free fantasy RPG ‘Kalos War’ has started

Press Release

Siegburg, Germany, August 6th 2010

IT’S WAR TIME! The new browser based free fantasy RPG ‘Kalos War’ is now entering CBT. Visit the official homepage at, apply, and step into an exciting middle-aged fantasy world!

‘Kalos War’ Chapter 1 is based on the story of Humans who were born inferior to Elves and Dwarves, but eventually became the center of the Allied Forces of Elves, Dwarves and Humans against ‘Xytan’…… Read the whole story of ‘Kalos War’ and undertake a short game tour at the game’s official homepage.

Here are the key features:
– 28 jobs starting with Knight, Archer, Mage and Thief. Players can transfer jobs up to three times, as they get more EXP and Skill Points. (For chapter 1, job-transferring is restricted to one transfer.)
– 5 elements for each character: fire, water, earth, wind, lightning
– Bounty hunting between players
– Alchemy system
– Hidden dungeons and shops

Players joining the CBT will have the chance to win an Apple iPod Touch (32GB), a 24” TFT LCD monitor, one of three external HDDs (500GB), or a €10 Paysafe Card. Additionally, all players will be rewarded with the limited ‘Distinguished Service Medal’ which will be displayed on their character window!

Visit, join the CBT, and get rewarded!

About Kalos War
Developed and published by FIAA GmbH, Kalos War is a free, browser-based fantasy RPG that features 28 jobs, 5 elements, a bounty hunting system, and an item upgrade system along with other unique functions and incredible graphics. It consists of various chapters, with the first one having its CBT today, August 6th.

About FIAA GmbH
Fiaa GmbH, with its headquarters located in Germany, is focusing on the growing sector of online games. The company licenses, operates and distributes different online games in Europe and worldwide. Its proprietary company AlanBridge Co. Ltd, based in Korea, develops and distributes online games. Website:

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Press release courtesy of our friends at Game Press

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  1. John says:

    Nice game, I love it,. Good luck ! Recently I’m playing the game Mytholia, url is, like it also very much, Have fun John

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