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This Week’s DLC (PSN)

This week gamers are getting tons of love from the PSN – get your couch grooves ready – you’re going to be spending some serious time in it this week.

PlayStation Network

After what has seemed like an eternity, PS3 gamers will finally get their hands on arguably one of the best side-scrolling beat-em-up titles to be released in recent years as Designer Dan Paladin’s Castle Crashers makes its way to the PSN. Mark the day August 31st (Tuesday). In addition Castle Crashers will also come with a vollyball mini-game, where you can play locally or online. The demo will also be available for those still on the fence about purchasing it.

Sam & Max Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep Debuting as a comic book in 1985, Sam & Max have their own episodic video game in its third season. Episode 5 of The Devil’s Playhouse grants Max the ability to shape shift, teleport and use future sight to fight an arcane scholar.


PlayStation Network Demos

VanquishIf the creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami woke up from a dream one morning and wanted to create his very own third-person shooter (and destroy San Francisco) he’d named that dream Vanquish. In the distant future, Russians have captured a US space station which harnesses solar energy, and have used it to annihilate the Bay Area faster then you can say Nuclear Man.

Armed with the Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS) — you play as Sam Gideon — the last defense against the Russians. Your mission is to restore peace and recapture the space station before they reach their next target, New York City. Associate Community Manager for Vanquish, Julian Mehifeld posted a blog earlier this week, with more details on PlantiumGames‘ latest title.

R.U.S.E.Deception and intellect are the key ingredients behind this real-time strategy game. Play up to six different factions ranging from the US to the USSR, and change the tides of war using decoys and ruses to trick your enemies. Ubisoft and Eugen Systems deliver a demo this Tuesday and promise PlayStation Move support in the future.

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