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Turf Wars, The Battle for Google Map Supremacy rages on.

Almost a year ago, we interviewed Nick Baicoianu of Mean Free Path LLC and creator of the iPhone App, Turf Wars. Since then, the Turf Wars App has made its way up to being one of the top downloaded free apps on the Apple iPhone and now, the Apple iPad.

Turf Wars is a social gaming experience that, at first glance, will resemble the 100’s of mob war style games that have proliferated themselves throughout the social media scene. The basic gameplay is similar as well, use energy to complete missions for experience points and money. Use the money to buy weapons and defensive upgrades and go attack other characters for more points and cash. Etc etc. The main difference with Turf Wars is that you also need to take your GPS position into account as well as maintain geographical turf using the integrated Google Map API features. In Turf Wars you establish turf on a map using your actual position in the world and interact with other players and their turf based on their vicinity to you.
By allowing players to battle for power over their own neighbourhoods, cities and towns, they have added a personal stake in the game like no other. While the population of the game may not rival that of huge games like Mafia wars, the players are loyal and log in daily. Players from all over the world are interacting on a daily basis in pitched battle to rule the Google map space. Almost every major urban centre is hotly contested.

You can view the Turf Wars map live online at this link…

Continually fascinated by this phenomenom, I called Nick for the latest dev updates from the Turf Wars command centre:

DDGW: Hi Nick, it’s been a year and your app looks to have really taken off. How are things shaping up in Turf Wars?
Nick: Hey Dan, Good to hear from you! A lot has happened in the past several months; we’ve seen a lot of good coverage and now have an iPad version too!
We recently passed the 40k mark for players, with a good percentage of them checking in daily. We’re not the biggest MMO on the App Store but our players are dedicated.
DDGW: Since we last spoke, player interaction looks to have increased dramatically, how has the addition of the “Vendetta” feature changed the game?
Nick: Vendettas have been a great game balancer – we’ve seen several high profile cases where a group of players bands together to kick out an outsider from their city. There was a huge war in London in April with vendettas playing a major role.
DDGW: What or where is the most hotly contested turf in the game?
Nick: On the city level, London or New York – though there are flareups in several other cities every few days.
DDGW: The last major update, the Vendetta, really changed up the game and kept in interesting for a lot of players. Are there any new updates in the works?
Nick: We’re getting ready to launch some exciting new special ability loot items, beyond just weapons you can equip your mob with.

Thanks Nick, as I said, the game looks great, I can’t wait to see the new updates. I, for one, am hooked on this game.
Turf Wars fans, feel free to voice your opinions in the comments area and even post your invite codes and strategy tips.


  1. For Turf Wars Strategies, Tips, and Tricks, check out the the Turf Wars App website:

  2. Codebooster says:

    Hey guys, here is a list of Turf Wars Invite Codes! I got them from

    1. SHAPP 2. PIZZA 3. BOH 4. YABA 5. MRLOVER 6. IMA1
    7. GAMUT451 8. ALIBI605 9. DD 10. KUNGEL 11. ALLAN 12. UNITED
    13. GOODIE 14. SNAFU 15. AKED4138 16. TATTOO 17. GINGELL 18. 10
    19. CAD29654 20. 101 21. UNTAX182 22. ECCO9707 23. GGD 24. WILD9924
    25. NIXE2200 26. EMS 27. VIEWS179 28. URD08588 29. RAKA 30. TICAL967
    31. AMORT451 32. MBH 33. AXITE566 34. EARTH 35. ADEY 36. 555
    37. DEWAR642 38. BUDS9668 39. PALSY158 40. TEMP0968 41. DITZ3137 42. MICRO125
    43. MUTE2502 44. SOWL2037 45. PARDY154 46. DROOK294 47. MARON718 48. BARGE785
    49. STEEK340 50. SORNS641

  3. Fasulo says:

    Nick Baicoianu bans people from this turf wars game and accuses them of jailbreaking their device and then stops em from logging onto his server for no reason! This is so wrong, especially when you fork out some money on don points and he pockets this money… So unfair… and so wrong. Dont bother supporting this idiot and his app as he is a thief!!!

    • People become very passionate about this game and their turf. I do know that strict controls exist on the server to control people from cheating. As a game developer, I doubt there is much to gain from banning paying customers from the server without due cause.

  4. Emerson Connors says:

    Yeah, my mate got banned too without validity. He emailed nick (the developer) and he replied back with total arrogance and attitude. The developer has serious issues and has no respect for people and his (paying) customers. He also threatened that he will go after his mates also. Seriously? Screwed up money stealing app and developer? STAY AWAY. Someone at iTunes should shut him down! Seriously!

  5. Don F says:

    add DIGI

  6. ethical says:

    The developer of this game is out for nothing but your money. You will end up spending thousands in real money, then they will reset your account, unwillingly change your account stats and force you in to playing how they see fit and if that’s not enough they will violate your rights against their shady privacy policy. Only the rich people have a say in this game. STAY AWAY! Apple needs to realise these developers and review their bullish policies!

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