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XBLA: Monday Night Combat Gets An Uber Update

If you watched the mini documentary in yesterday’s post: The Future of Digital Distribution, you heard Scott Steinberg and industry developers talk about the importance of digital distribution when it comes to updating games on the fly. The perfect demonstration of this is the update Uber Entertainment announced today for their XBLA hit: Monday Night Combat.

Thanks to the wonders of DLC, Uber will be making a few minor adjustments that fans of the game have recommended via their games Official Online Forum. The ability to make quick little changes like saves Uber time and eliminates the need for a full blow title update.

Uber Entertainment Executive Producer Chandana Ekanayake posted this message on the Uber forum Monday:

Our first update using MNC Live Update System include the following changes:

-Time between Crossfire matches changed from 60 to 45 seconds
-minimum number of players needed to start Crossfire changed from 8 to 6
-custom bot spawner timer changed from 5 to 10 seconds.
-changed message of the day.

To reiterate, the MNC Live Update System is a way for us to tune values at will without having to go through a patch process. We are working on a patch that will address known bugs and exploits.

These may only be a few minor tweaks but fans of the 3rd person team-based shooter will no doubt appreciate them. The match counter from 60 to 45 is greatly needed. After playing Team Deathmatch Express on MWF2 for a couple hours prior to MNC, the wait between matches felt like an eternity.

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