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XBLA Wednesday: Shank and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Hump Day just got a little better with the release of two games that are full of epic epicness. Scott Pilgrim vs The World was released on the PSN earlier this month and has finally kicked, punched and headbutted its way onto XBLA. Joining Scott Pilgrim on this fisticuff-filled Wednesday is EA and Klei Entertainment’s arcade bralwer: Shank.


Price: 1200 MSP

Shank is a 2D cinematic brawler inspired by classic beat ’em ups and graphic novels. Embark on a tale of revenge using chainsaws, dual pistols, knives and more. Play in the story mode or cooperatively with a friend in the back-story! Murder, betrayal, a dead wife, and beer, Shank must fight his way through the criminal underworld seeking revenge against those who ruined his life.

I played this at X’10 and was very impressed with it. What I immediately noticed was the seamless and fluid transitions between the use of the weapons. While battling enemies you can quickly string together combos that go from bare knuckle face smashing to cross-armed akimbo pistols, finished off with a bloody chainsaw to the chest all in one fluid motion.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Price: 800 MSP

Scott Pilgrim is the rock-n-roll action love story for the 8-bit generation. Following the plot line of the comic and film, the game will follow Scott on his quest to date Ramona Flowers. To do this he will have to defeat her seven evil exes. Created by Ubisoft and a throwback to classics like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, this 2D side scrolling beat ’em up fill offer 4 player multiplayer, 8-bit animations by world famous Pixel Artist Paul Roberston and more than 30 original music tracks by chiptune band extraordinaire – Anamanaguchi.

If the XBLA version is anything like the PS3 version, and I have no reason to believe why it wouldn’t be, 360 gamers are in for a surprisingly difficult challenge ahead of them.

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