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Apple introduces the new MultiTouch iPod Nano

The Apple iPod, the thumbwheel and the white earphone cords have been synonymous with portable music and the urban lifestyle for years. The iPod Touch and iPhone changed that image for many but the Nano and iPod Mini remain tremendously popular due to their extreme portability. According to Apple, its time for a change. The iPod Nano, Multitouch was announced today at The Apple Live Music Event covered, live, on Gizmodo.

The thumb dial has been replaced by the Apple touch screen which works the same way with finger swipes and pinch zoom. While not running the full IOS, it has hard volume buttons, Voiceover, FM radio, NIke+, and a pedometer, and up to 24 hour battery life.

Cost for the device is $149 for 8GB; $179 for the 16GB version and it comes in 4 colours


  1. iPod Nano 5G Game ideas

    1. Brick breaker (with just one brick)
    2. Flip a coin
    3. Spin the dial
    4. Stop the clock
    5. Babo Crash

  2. OSXRand says:

    Yup, the whole show was pretty interesting, and the technical aspects of the streaming vidio was fantastic.

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