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iPhone Gets Naughty


“How d’you like them Apples?” – Naughty Bear

505 Games and developer Artificial Mind and Movement have announced that they are bringing the consoles most demented plush toy to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Originally released on the 360 and PS3 consoles, Naughty Bear takes place on a paradisiacal island where teddy bears live in harmony. Players take control of the main character, Naughty Bear, a disgruntled teddy bear with a tendency to be mischievous. The goal of the game is to complete certain tasks to earn “Naughty Points”.

The game was met with overwhelming negative reviews; Meta Critic scored it at a 43 out of 100, and many other publications found it overly disappointing0 and repetitive, despite the games frivolous amounts of fluffy ultraviolence.

Although Tim Woodley, Head of Global Brand Management at 505 Games, thinks differently. According to Woodley, “In the last six months Naughty Bear has captured the imagination of a very wide fanbase and very quickly become an icon within the gaming world and a beacon for the disenfranchised and the disgruntled everywhere,”. Woodley goes on to add that, “With the launch of the iPhone version, Naughty Bear fans can finally, and quite literally, take matters into their own hands…We knew that Naughty Bear was perfect for on-the-go gaming and we have put a lot of time into refining the experience to reflect the new format, controls and objectives,” said David Osborne, creative director at Artificial Mind and Movement.

The new iPhone and iPod Touch game will feature a unique control system tailored specifically for the Apple devices touchscreens and a top-down viewpoint, which will also allow the camera to zoom in and out for up-close for Naughty Bears trademark kill moves.

The new game will also feature a vast array of weapons, objects and scare tactics for gamers to use while they cut, slash and maim their island cohabitants in the quest for Naughty Points.

Hopefully the iPhone/iPod Touch version of Naughty Bear is received better than its console version. One of the major problems gamers had with it was that they found it to be highly entertaining for the first couple of hours, but beyond that, the game became increasingly repetitive. Due the the nature of most mobile gamers, playing only short spurts of gameplay (riding in transit, on a subway or while they have a few minutes to kill), this could benefit Naughty Bear and reduce the feeling of repetition as gamers will pop in and out of action throughout their day, instead of long spans of gameplay.

Naughty Bear is available now for Apple’s iPhone/iPad & iPod Touch through the App Store for US$2.99

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