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Now Available: New Crackdown 2 DLC “Toy Box” (Xbox LIVE)

Crackdown 2 gets its first Game Add-On today with Toy Box, available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Microsoft Games Studios and Ruffian Games will be rewarding Crackdown 2 owners with two content packs featuring all-new gameplay experiences at no cost, while those fans who are looking for more jetpacks, exploding cars and things that go boom, can purchase the premium content for 560 Microsoft Points.

The Toy Box Game Add-on will offer the new Vehicle Tag mode, a level 6 ability reward and the Keys to the City (aka the ultimate cheat code – featuring God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Fly Cam, spawning weapons, gadgets, the ability to freeze time and more) all at no cost. The premium content will have 10 new Achievements, Avatar Awards and new vehicles and gadgets. Unless you are a die-hard Crackdown fan you can probably go without the premium content and we recommend you just stick with the no cost pack.

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