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Windows Phone 7 Will Offer Mac Support

Microsoft takes a big step in the right direction-and away from company policy, as they confirm that Windows Phone 7 will be Mac compatible. Eventually.

Through a contact I know and a little bit of luck, it appears as though I may be getting my very own WP7 when they are released later this month. Initially, I was pretty excited. I’d had the chance to test the platform out at this years X’10 event and was impressed. Xbox Live integration, beautiful and fluent UI and what looks like a solid gaming device. One problem though, I’m a Mac guy. If the WP7 isn’t Mac compatible, I don’t care how great a phone it is, that’s going to cause some serious problems for me.

Well according to Microsoft, I need not fear as the Wp7 will be compatible with Macs. Eventually.

Praise be to the mobile Gods.

Microsoft also announced that later in 2010 they will make a public beta available for a tool that allows WP7s to sync select content with Mac computers.

This is a big step for Microsoft as their previous handheld offering, the Zune client, was exclusive to Windows, meaning Mac users were denied access to things like Project Gotham Racing.
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