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Valve Takes A Shot At Microsoft Over Free DLC Limitations

Today marks the release of Valve Corporations The Sacrifice, a highly anticipated chunk of DLC for the Left 4 Dead series.


  1. zolt says:

    Microsoft taught me a valuable lesson about cross platform titles. I was able to sell my xbox copies of L4d and L4D2 for $10 and use that money to buy the PC version. I’ll stick to PC for multiplayer games for now on and enjoy use mods, free updates and free online play. What is the advantage of xbox 360 again?

    • Jesse Ouimet says:

      Yeah I’m starting to agree with that point more and more. Especially for the mods alone, which act as mini dlc and extend the life of games far beyond what they would normally be, thanks to entertaining content created by the community.

      • Latch says:

        Just take a look at Just Cause 2.

        The game available on PC is ages ahead of anything you could get on the consoles, even after all the DLCs simply because of modding.

        My Rico no longer uses a parachute with thrusters to get around. He *flies* I can use multiple grapple hooks to string someone or something up like Spider-Man in an intersection. My timed explosives can take out an entire block. I can attach *anything* to *anything* because my grapplehooks don’t break, and also I can attach myself to something 2KM away! Oh and I never run out of ammo.

        Tell me how you can do even half of that on the console?

      • Adam says:

        Then please for all that is holy in PC gaming tell the developers this is what we want. As more and more people forget about mods more and more companies forget and deny mod tools. We need to be promoting mods we need to be showing the gaming world what the community can create. Its dieing and its truly sad to see more and more games lose features we had 10 years ago for “progress”

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  4. Pete says:

    Cool, so we can expect Mass Effect 2 on the Playstation 3 to be priced the same as the PC version will be then.

    As for that DLC for Red Dead Redemption was it free on PSN and cost money on XBOX Live? I don’t think so. This is why it’s unfair to price what games and DLC cost on consoles compared to the PC. If Valve can do it on the Playstation 3 all the more power to them but as of not PSN and XBL are the same price as far as DLC goes that’s currently available.

  5. Okay, i’m probably gonna be slammed by the little microsoft boys that havent gone through pubirty yet. the 360 is basically a system that ALWAYS fail on their promises. The DLC can be free, but no MS said lets fuck our costumers for this. Like the RROD, lets fuck our costumers again (5yrs later they fix the fucking problem), i’m upset because mine broke 5 times. I had a special MW2 360, it RROD, i gave it to MS to fix and they said they have to give me a new 360 thats NOT the MW2 edition. FUCK YOU!!! So i decided not to buy their piece of shit machine. Its not gonna matter anyways because you have other little kids out their supporting their machine. So MS I have 1 phrase for you. What goes around comes around. Somebody gonna fuck you too.

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  7. peter says:

    Xbox users just download steam, buy both l4d and l4d2 for 10 bucks and enjoy the game.

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