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BioWare Gives Back With XBL DLC Sale Next Week

Mass Effect 2 kicked off 2010 with a big bang and set the bar fairly high for other titles to come. It also produced some of the best DLC add-ons this year. Overlord was solid and Lair of the Shadow Broker will definitely be a contender on our best of 2010 DLC list.

BioWare is known for creating amazing add-on content that greatly enriches the already stellar experiences gamers  have with many of their titles.

In an effort to give back to their fans and possibly bring that small percentage of gamers who, somehow still haven’t played Mass Effect 2, BioWare will be offering up a DLC sale next week. From October 11-17 (Xbox Live Deal of the Week), the following DLC will be available on the cheap side:

Overlord: 400 Microsoft Points

Kasumi Stolen Memory: 400 Microsoft Points

Blood Dragon Armor: 160 Microsoft Points

Suit: 160 Microsoft Points

Helmet:  80 Microsoft Points

“I am Commander Shepard, and I approve of this sale.”

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