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EA Reveals Windows Phone 7 Launch Titles

EA joins launch lineup of Xbox LIVE-enabled mobile titles slated to release this fall.

EA has announced their lineup of mobile titles for the soon-to-release Windows Phone 7, which will be released next month. The first titles will ship in 2010 with additional phone models arriving in early 2011. The games will be Xbox LIVE-enabled and feature the unique ability to track and share scores with leaderboards, unlock Xbox LIVE Achievements, add to all our already impressive Gamerscores, and communicate with Xbox LIVE friends across Xbox 360.

The publisher named four games that will hit the WP7 (is that what we’re shortening it to? WPS?) storefront soon after the platform goes live: Need for Speed: Undercover, The Sims 3, Monopoly and Tetris.

No doubt many will snicker that these titles are already available on other mobile platforms and some even decades old (we’re looking at you Tetris, you old fart). But those people would be forgetting why many will be compelled to purchase them on WP7, and give up their precious iPhones to cross over to the Microsoft mobile platform…ACHIEVEMENTS BABY!

You haven’t played Monopoly until you’ve played it for achievements and the possibility to boost your gamer score. It may sound silly but with MP7, Microsoft has ingeniously found a way to tap into some gamers obsession with their score and achievement hunter fanaticism.

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