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Good Old Games, Promises to deliver games your 10 year old kid won’t be better at. GOG earned the top spot in‘s Top 5 Online Game Experiences of 2010

With over 300 games released, GOG has partnered with Atari, Activision, Codemasters, Epic Games, Ubisoft and other big names to deliver classic content DRM free and at a single unit price. has created a significant fan base and the online community at their site is very active in delivering a modern social gaming element to your classic gaming experience. A huge plus is that they have ensured Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatibility with all of their releases.

So if you miss those days of having your Pentium 100’s on a LAN in your dorm and playing Duke Nukem till the wee hours of the morning, consider Good Old Games to bring you the best in Old School Gaming!.

Sorry MAC OS fans but just like in the good old days, Good Old Games do not run natively in the MAC OS. Not suprisingly, the GOG community is, quick to offer suggestions, check out the post here;

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