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Radiangames Fluid Now Available on Xbox Live

Radiangame announces release of their fourth game, Fluid.

Radiangames was formed in early 2010 and in a short time has created a highly-rated portfolio of Xbox Live Arcade titles including: Crossfire, Inferno and JoyJoy. Today, they announced the release of their fourth title, Fluid, which is available for download on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 MSP ($1).

Fluid will require players to race quickly and precisely to collect all the dots on the screen while trying to avoid the growing swarms of killer jellyfish. The initial levels and may seem mundane and elementary but the difficulty will quickly increase as you progress. Players will need to utilize powerpills, vortices, speed pads and teleporters to perfect their scores and times across 30 levels and 5 extreme levels.

“More than any game I’ve made in the series, Fluid has to be played to be properly appreciated,” said Luke Schneider Founder of Radiangames. “The fluid controls, intuitive gameplay, and flowing graphics combine to form a gameplay experience that feels unique and familiar at the same time.”

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  1. Demo says:

    Fluid is an attractive game with well thought out mechanics and impressive graphics.

    RadianGames is quickly becoming a dominant player in the indie games channel with production and gameplay that rivals arcade shooters in the XBLA section for a fraction of the price. Every one of these games feels polished and worthy of a midweek XBLA slot.

    Personally I prefer Inferno and the badly named Joy Joy but Fluid brings far more than your dollar’s worth of entertainment to the table.


  2. Jesse Ouimet says:

    Agreed. They have continually produced well thought out, well executed and polished games that are damn fun to play. I actually really liked Crossfire. Thought it was a great game to pop in and play for quick little spurts when you don’t have time to get into something time consuming.

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