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Scenes From The Windows Phone 7 Launch in Europe

Last weekend the much-awaited launch of the Windows Phone 7 began, with the first units going on sale in New Zealand, followed by countries throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific, including Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Spain and the U.K.

Consumer lined up in each country to be among the first to own the new device, which has earned extensive praise in the industry press – despite being relatively late to enter the Smart Phone market. North American Consumers will be able to purchase the Windows Phone 7 device starting November 8.

As early adopters get their hands on the new device, the initial reviews of Windows Phone 7 are starting to trickle in and many have recognized the systems unique approach to design and integration of key Microsoft services like Bing, Xbox LIVE and Zune. Microsoft has noted that applications are integral attributes of the smart phone experience and that they are focused on energizing an expansive developer community with new tools and resources to create quality apps that take advantage of the Windows Phone’s unique capabilities – giving users a different kind of experience. Hundreds of apps and games have been posted to Windows Phone Marketplace and Zune over the past week and Microsoft has said they are on pace to deliver more than 1000 by the time the phones becomes available in North America next month.

Jourdan Templeton, first person in the world to buy a new Windows Phone 7 device, completing his purchase in New Zealand.

Oct. 21, 2010, Crowds of people keen to view the Windows Phone 7 during the New Zealand launch.

Oct. 21, 2010 Microsoft employee Mark Bishop with a Windows Phone 7 outside the Auckland Town Hall in New Zealand.

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