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Sideway Coming Exclusively To PS3 In 2011, First Concept Art Revealed

Playbrains Studio Director Scott Simpson took some time today to do a guest post on The purpose of the post was to announce the project Playbrains has quietly been slaving away on called, Sideway.

According to Simpson’s post, the awesomesauce that is Sideway, will be a unique adventure platformer set in and around the oh-so-gritty streets of New York City. The characters and story have been birthed from a fantastic world created by the quasi-evil geniuses at Fuel Industries and W!ldbrain.

Simpson also mentioned that at this weekend’s New York Comic Con the studio will officially announce the title as a Sony exclusive to the PlayStation Network.

The post neglected to get into any real details about the games unique features and gameplay elements, but Simpson was courteous enough to bring along some renders–that look amazing–to wet reader appetites and give us a glimpse of the world we will be tooling around in.

In the comments section of the post Simpson went on to remark that they haven’t ruled out online multiplayer, but are aware that it will be a bit of a stretch. He ensured readers that the online option is something they will be play testing and at the very least hope to have some online multiplayer component attached to the finished product.

For updates and more information on Sideway you can follow me on Twitter @The_GeekJock or the studio @Playbrains

Check out the great images below.

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