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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, 600,000 downloads and climbing.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, the prologue to  Capcom‘s zombie thriller, Dead Rising 2, has surpassed the 600,000-downloaded mark.   This $5 XBLA-title, which, before the digital download industry boom, would have likely been distributed as a free demo, sold another 100,000 units in October.

This, once again, places Dead Rising 2: Case Zero at the top of the Xbox Live Marketplace charts.  Case Zero is essentially the first chapter to the full version of the Dead Rising game, it also allows players to level up their character to a maximum level of 5 and use that saved character to start the full game when they purchase the disc.

Initial skeptics feared that a successful, full featured, release of this type would hurt overall sales as it has enough to satisfy some gamers’ hunger for this genre.  Capcom reports that they have reached over 2 million in sales of the full version for the Xbox 360 and that there is negligible negative impact.

Hands off the Cash! Bitches!!!

Capcom has always been strong in developing compelling story lines and captivating content for all their games.  Dead Rising 2 was a long awaited sequel and it is firmly established as a strong title in the zombie genre.  Weaker titles and developers may not be so fortunate.

So, once again, we are back to our previously raised argument by Jesse Ouimet;


In this article, Jesse expands on the fears and suspicions of watchful gamers and industry experts as we ponder the future of free game demos.

Money talks, and I am sure we are looking at “Case Zero” of a future outbreak of cash grabs and micro-releases of upcoming franchise games from big publishers looking to expand their bottom line.

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