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3 Cool Things you can do at Gamercamp!

The gaming scene in Toronto continues to grow, and the latest reminder is just around the corner with Gamercamp Lv2.  Happening Nov 13-14 at theToronto Underground Cinema and the George Brown School of Design, Gamercamp is a celebration of the art, creativity and fun of video games. Launched in 2009 by Jaime Woo and Mark Rabo, the festival captures the excitement and enthusiasm that kept us in front of the television well into the night.

Gamercamp organizers Jaime Woo and Mark Rabo, Photo Credit: Ryan Couldrey (

We asked Jaime Woo for a preview of this year’s event;

Among the many planned events, here are three cool things happening at Gamercamp that we don’t think is being done anywhere else:

  1. 8-bit cereal breakfast: Sunday morning, we’re serving up a cereal brekkie alongside some classic gaming. Just imagine, 50 boxes of cereal, more milk than one should ever see at once, and a flood of gamers hopefully in their PJs! (We’ll be!) We might project some cartoons on the walls and people can bring their portable gaming systems or check out the retro consoles we’ll have around and it’ll be worth setting the alarms for.
  2. Pwnage lunch: We’ve come across some hefty masters of video games who will demonstrate their expertise during the lunch hour. Watch as our Mortal Kombat II champion demolishes any and all challengers, then catch a never-ending round of Tetris, followed by a hitless round of Mega Man! It’ll be like back in the day at the arcades where one person just dominated a machine… and you won’t even spend a quarter.
  3. Retro Rec Rooms: In here, you’ll get an old-school CRT TV, the system of your choice, snacks—like chips, popcorn, and gummy worms—and even a few gaming magazines here and there. There will be 2 rooms, People can book a room for some dedicated fun with a few friends old or new—we really hope people get to know each other through the weekend, and then how cool would it be to bond over a classic title?

This is, of course, in addition to the 25 speakers we have chatting about everything games-related and the demos that we’ll be showcasing.

With two and a bit weeks away, we’re uber-excited for Gamercamp and think you’ll dig what we’ve come up with. We’re still blown away by how much has happened since last year, when we thought it’d be fun to have an event that focused more on the art, creativity, and fun in games. Go, Toronto, go!

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