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Classic Atari/Amiga Puzzler Gobliiins Hits The iPhone

Gobliiins iPhoneWHO: Developed and published by BulkyPix and DotEmu

WHAT: Gobliiins, first in the Goblins trilogy, an Atari/Amiga game series from the early 90’s that was one of the original success stories in puzzle platformer genre, is now available on the iPhone.

STORY: King Angoulafre suddenly falls ill from a terrible ailment. An unseen foe has used a voodoo doll to cause the king to howl in pain. In Gobliiins, a team of three goblins, each featuring a unique skill, is tasked with finding out who is responsible for tormenting the kind and must discover a cure.


Players will control a team of three goblins, each with a special skill: A warrior goblin, a magician goblin, and a technician goblin. Each different skill set must be used to take advantage of unique items throughout the levels. Touch and lead the goblins through numerous puzzles, traps and levels, all of which must be completed using all three of the goblins special skills.


Gobliiins will offer a mix of elements of adventure and challenging puzzle gaming. The game consists of 22 levels all with amazing graphics and sound effects.The game is challenging and frustrating at times, but gamers who enjoy solving twisted, illogical puzzles will love working their way through its various worlds.
WHEN: Gobliiins is available NOW.

WHERE: Worldwide on the Apple App Store.

PRICE: $0.99

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