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Gamercamp Day 1: Highlighting the Indie Games of Toronto

Gamercamp 2.0 successfully launched and ran this past weekend showcasing the best of indie game design and game art in Toronto. Gamercamp is a must see for indie developers, those curious at looking at the gaming industry from the margins, and those wanting to learn about how games are made.  The first day (Nov. 13th) held at Toronto’s Underground Cinema focused on live demos of indie games in various degrees of completion followed by keynote speeches from development teams and artists offering insight into the indie game scene.

An example of the unique innovations on display at Gamercamp. Normative’s CityState takes games outside and uses GPS for a ARG (alternative reality game).

“Variety of design” and “player/developer exploration” was what Day 1 of Gamercamp was all about. Games ranging from a pixel art old school adventure game to a “philosophical puzzle shooter racing game” showcased the diversity and quality of game design one can find in Toronto.   Games focusing on player exploration and exploring new technologies were also central to the event showing that Toronto’s indie game scene is a vibrant and explorative space of creativity.  In short, Gamercamp Day 1 was a celebration of ingenuity in game design.

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