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Gamercamp Day 2: Talking Games

Day 2 of Gamercamp (Nov. 14) consisted of many talks about the games industry comprised of panelists that are all part of the world of gaming.  There were talks on theoretical notions of the term “play,” talks on writing in games, talks on developing for the iphone, talks on how to get funding, and so on.  Day 2 offered the chance to hear what those in the gaming industry (or what those on the fringes of the gaming industry) have to say.  The relaxed and fun environment of Day 2 certainly made it easy to approach and chat with designers, developers, and each panelist.  Day 2 was the time to get your questions about the gaming industry answered.

2010 Gamercamp Poster

There were also many retro games, indie games, and works in progress that were playable.  Some of the lineups for certain games were a bit long but since these games were available to play during the panels there was always a time to get your hands on a controller or arcade cabinet.  So if listening to people talk for an hour is not your thing but playing games is, then Day 2 still offered a great time to meet, compete, and just enjoy games with fellow gamers.

Overall I had an extremely positive and fun experience with Gamercamp.  If you are a gamer and you find yourself in Toronto for the next Gamercamp make it a priority to check it out.  You will meet passionate gamers, experience unique gameplay, and discover that there is more to gaming than huge corporations trying to make millions of dollars off their games.

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  1. I was extremely please with Day 2. I heard great things about all the presentations. At times, I wish I could have been in two places at once.

    Especially interesting were, “Rebooting IGDA Toronto“, “Trials and Tribulations of Developing for the iPhone“, and “Social Gaming has nothing to do with Facebook“.

    Rob Segal from Get Set Games did a great job on laying out the roadmap of how to build, and ship a successful game for the Apple AppStore. Relying the experiences of Get Set Games and their successes with Addicus, PopTweets and, of course, MegaJump, Segal shared some extremely valuable insider tips to those lucky enough to squeeze into the packed room.

    Benjamin Rivers from OCAD and Toronto’s Hand Eye Society delivered a compelling introspective analysis of the social elements of games that generated a considerable amount of discussion regarding the future of multiplayer and cooperative game design.

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