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Indie Classic “The Impossible Game” Coming To Android And Windows Phone 7 Mobile Devices

Best-selling iPhone and Xbox 360 Indie game, The Impossible Game will be making its way onto two new mobile platforms.

The Impossible Game has already reached some impressive landmarks for a minimalistic Indie game, such as making it to #2 in the US app charts and being hand-picked as “App of the Week” by Apple (as well as being described by as “insanely addictive”). And now The Impossible Game is now available for Google Android and Windows Phone 7.

Also available as downloadable content for iOS devices are two brnad new levels, featuring awesome new music, wild effects and a ego crushing difficulty level designed to test even the hardiest of players. For those who own the game on console, the levels are also available for 360 via the Xbox Live Indie Games market for only 80 MSP.

If you’ve never experienced The Impossible Game, either on console or mobile, it’s a must. It’s one of my all time favorite Indie games and as much as I loved it on the 360, I think it’s better suited for mobile devices.

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