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Konami Releases X-Men Arcade Achievement List

After the failure that was Star Wars: the Force Unleashed II, and my game of the year expectations thrown out the window, I need to lock down something else to look forward to. Luckily Konami is officially porting an 18 year old arcade classic (and my all-time fav arcade game) for digital download on XBLA/PSN. Announced during this years New York Comic Con, X-Men Arcade supposed to be hitting consoles before the years end (no confirmation yet), and as a teaser Konami has just released the games Achievement list:

X-men arcade

  • 10 – Xavier Would Be Proud!: You used a mutant power 5 times in one game. (5 times? I’ll use it 5 times in the first level)
  • 10 – Super Mutant: Find and use an energy pill in the Japanese version of the game.
  • 10 – Turn Pyro to Toast: Defeat Pyro without any player using mutant powers.
  • 10 – Kidnapped: Learn that Magneto has kidnapped Professor X.
  • 10 – Largest Party: Play in a 6-player match with five other people.
  • 10 – Grounded: Complete level 4 without jumping.
  • 10 – Welcome to Die!: Have the White Queen welcome you to die.
  • 25 – You Fell to Our Trap!: Get fooled by Mystique with five other players in a 6 player game.
  • 25 – Score Inflation: Earn at least 250 points in one game.
  • 25 – Bamf: Complete the game in 25 minutes or less.
  • 25 – X-pertise: Complete the game on Expert difficulty.
  • 30 – Master of Magnet: Defeat Magneto in different play sessions with all six X-men characters.

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