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NinjaBee Shows Off Desert Kingdom Screenshots From A Kingdom of Keflings

NinjaBee shows off third land in A World of Keflings

Indie devs NinjaBee released the first screenshots of the Deresrt Kingdom, from their upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade title, A World of Keflings. The Desert Kingdom is one of three lands where players will use their Xbox LIVE Avatar to build customized cities for their vulnerable and tiny Kefling friends.

“In A World of Keflings you travel back and forth between the different lands of the Kefling world through magic portals called Kingdom Gates,” said Brent Fox, Art Director at NinjaBee. “Beyond each gate are new lands with distinct climates and different kinds of Keflings who want you to build them cities. And in each kingdom you’ll build buildings that match the style of that land made from the resources available in that part of the world.”

A World of Keflings is the sequel to NinjaBee’s popular XBLA game, A Kingdom of Keflings. The latest iteration will include a bunch of new features not found in the previous installment, like a more robust avatar emote system, the ability to push buildings and local multiplayer – which NinjaBee has added a rather slick dynamic splitscreen multiplayer technique  that allows the splitscreen to rotate and disappear altogether when you get close to other players. Another great feature in A World of Keflings, is that it will be the first game on the Xbox 360 where players can bring their avatar props and pets into the game world.

Which is awesome because I’ve been looking for an opportunity to bring my little Limbo hell spawn dog?…creature?…whatever, thing with no eyes into a game and cause some chaos.

A World of Keflings will arrive on XBLA this winter. No price has been announced yet.

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