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Radiangames Fireball Now Available on Xbox Live


URBANA, IL – November 12, 2010 – Dodge. Trigger. Destroy! Be the Fireball!

Radiangames is proud to announce its fifth game, Fireball, is now available for download through Xbox Live Indie Games on the Xbox 360 for 80 MSP ($1). Did you read that line?  FIFTH GAME!  OF THE YEAR!  (And they’re all rated 4+ stars)

Fireball is an arcade game all about dodging the massive hoard of evil icy enemies and leaving them in shards.  Trigger devastating explosion chains and go for huge combos and scores as you compete against yourself, your friends, and the best in the world thanks toonline scoreboards, a first in the Radiangames series.

“While Fireball only confirms my obsession with Geometry Wars 2—it’s an expanded and evolved version of Pacifism mode—it’s also a game that I wanted to play badly, and I’m glad it’s finally available so I can crush everyone in the online scoreboards,” said Luke Schneider of Radiangames. “That is, if my wife ever stops playing it.”

Major Features:

  1. 5 Local and Online Scoreboards – A first for Radiangames.
  2. Waves Mode – 8 waves of increasing complexity and difficulty.  Reach the kill goal to advance to the next wave.
  3. Also allows the player to play on Chilled mode (aka Easy).  Scoring is turned off, Novas are given for 25+ combo kills, and game speed is reduced.
  4. Challenge Mode – 4 unique settings, each with 3 minutes of increasing speed/difficulty.  This is where the pros play and compete against each other.

In addition to being available directly through the Games Marketplace on Xbox 360 consoles, the game can be queued for download at the Xbox 360 Marketplace site:

The next games in the series, Crossfire 2 and Inferno 2, will both be released this December.  SEVEN GAMES IN A YEAR!


Formed in early 2010, Radiangames is devoted to creating a series of small and compelling downloadable games.  The Radiangames series is available through Xbox Live Indie Games.  Radiangames was founded by 12-year industry veteran Luke Schneider, who previously worked on the award-winning Red Faction and Descent series.  Follow Radiangames using Facebook, Twitter, or learn more at the website.

Press release courtesy of our good friends at Games Press

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