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Samsung “Fascinates” Toronto with new Galaxy S, Android Phone.

We were invited this week to Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square for the Samsung Mobile Gaming Expo.

Samsung Mobile Gaming Expo, @Yonge-Dundas Square

This was a launch event for the Samsung Fascinate™ Android Smartphone and featured live coverage on 102.1 The Edge, hourly phone give aways and the opportunity to meet with and game with World Cyber Game Champions from years past.

We had a great time playing the Android version of Super K.O. Boxing 2 and hanging our with Alan Joseph, the 2008 Canadian Champion of Virtua Fighter 5.    A number of us here at Digital Download Game World played in the 1999 – 2002 World Cyber Games Venues so we enjoyed chatting about the tournaments and battling it out for the best round score in TKOB2.  Eddy “SmokinBouncer” Cho was placed 2nd when we left, I am still hoping to find out if anyone else beat his time.

As for the phone, we left truly impressed with the new Smudge Proof screen.  As any mobile phone gamer will agree, a smudge proof screen is a truly amazing and much needed innovation.  Did I mention that this screen is smudge proof!?!

The phone proved to be fast and responsive with great multi tasking ability and it has beautiful, crisp display.  That is, yes, smudge proof!

Gaming on the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate is enhanced by the ability to add a mini USB component cable to mirror the display on a television screen.  You can, in fact, use the phone with any DLNA certified TV to view videos, pictures etc.

Many thanks to Samsung Canada for the invite.  We look forward to reviewing Android games on this exciting phone!

The Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate Smartphone features:

  • Galaxy S with Android™ 2.1 OS
  • Super AMOLED touchscreen
  • Instant social networking capabilities
  • Faster texting with Swype®

Canadian Virtua Fighter 5 champion, Alan Joseph tutors mobile gamers in the art of fighting

The pro gamers attending the event included:

Max Rawal
•Canadian Professional Halo Player
•2007 – 2009 was a Pro Player of Halo 2 and Halo 3

Kevin Garcia
•2008 the Halo 3 Cyber Team Canada captain
•Winner of two Canadian National Championships and one Pan-AM Championship

Daniel Piacampo
•2009 Champion at the Guitar Hero: World Tour at the World Cyber Games
•2008 World Cyber Games’ first-ever Guitar Hero 3 Champion

Alan Joseph
•2008 Canadian Champion of Virtua Fighter 5
•Represented Canada at the national video gaming championships in Montreal

Click here for more information on the World Cyber Games


  1. Smokinbouncer says:

    I placed first with a K.O. 2:43. Punk!!!

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