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SONY SNAP, will it help bring Apple Apps to SONY Devices?

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SONY’s SNAP Developer Program is currently in its Beta phase.  SNAP, which stands for Sony’s Networked Application Platform, is based on the same framework from the GNUstep community, whose origin dates back to the OpenStep standard developed by NeXT Computer Inc (now Apple Computer Inc.).

Sony Dash, Sony's new desk or bedside table accessory is more than just an alarm clock as it runs "Apps" that users can download from the SONY Store.

So, Sony is basing its next generation CE development platform on the same format that gave rise to OSX and iOS.   As it is unlikely that they can licence directly from Apple,  this is the next best thing when it comes to developing consumer apps.  It will be interesting to see if this is enough to attract the developers of hundreds of thousands of apps to begin porting apps for SONY CE (Consumer Electronics).

The greatest challenge will be creating the same type of community environment enjoyed by Apple app developers.   The Cocos2D Community is one such example of a support infrastructure that has allowed start up developers to make best selling games for the Apple AppStore.

The SNAP Program is endeavoring to be different with what SONY claims to be a more modern approach;

The GNUstep core libraries strictly adhere to the OpenStep standard and OPENSTEP implementation.   They consider changes and additions to their API only under the following circumstances:

  • They add methods and classes, either from Cocoa or their own extensions, if they add substantial value and don’t interfere with OpenStep and/or Cocoa compatibility.
  • They generally don’t remove things unless there is a clearly better implementation in newer Cocoa API
  • Where there is a real problem with a change, they will attempt find a technically superior work-around.  In rare cases, this might involve a change in the original OpenStep API

We depart somewhat from the GNUstep adherence in that our goal is to thoroughly modernize the framework and optimize it to target modern consumer electronic (CE) devices.  These modern conveniences include such features as touch displays and 3D graphics.

They still have to come up with a decent windowing framework and build a competitive developer environment.   In fact, while writing this post, DDGameWorld learned that the SNAP program is now on hold, stating that developers should wait for further information.

Welcome to the SNAP Developer Program…Please stay tuned for more details.

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  1. Demo says:

    My guess?

    Someone at Sony announces SNAP, as its ready to go live, with the strategic advantage of having easy ports from ios – which would be AWESOME, getting great app support for PSP2, but unfortunately being a blow to Android – (everyone can’t be winners, eh?)

    So it’s “welcome ios to be the new Windows 3.1 type of market dominance for non-PC smart devices” at Apple that day.

    After SNAP news nugget gets picked up, someone else at Sony whose been trying to integrate the Sony-Google TV initiative bitches to upper management that it is going to piss off Google and conflict with their work. Prospective devs will have to choose from two seperate Sony solutions and likely go with iOS since they are forced to write for Apple’s devices anyway.

    So boom, snap gets pulled. Either way theres two fairly important dev managers at Sony working in separate continents who are pissed right now.

    Goes to the communication issues Sony must have for being so big, one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing.

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