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Digital Download Game World’s Best DLC of 2010 (Part 1)

2010 has been huge for the Digital Download industry.  The scope of digital downloads have changed and so has player expectations.  At the start of 2009, Digital Download games were often referred to as mini games and mobile games were all classed, casual games.  Now, as we reach the end of the decade, retailers are scrambling to find strategies to compete and gamers have access to a virtually unlimited library of games on almost any imaginable platform.   Digital access to retail and exclusive download titles alike have also changed how developers and publishers approach even the smallest of projects.

All of this has made our job of choosing the best of 2010 even harder.  With bloodshot eyes and bleeding thumbs, we are pleased to provide to you, our loyal readers, part one of the DDGameWorld best DLC of 2010 list.

Best Digital Download Multiplayer – 2010

Monday Night Combat, Uber Entertainment

MNC is a lofty accomplishment that provided gamers with the most bang for their buck by providing a full featured FPS shooter that rivaled the biggest franchises in the game world.  It’s tactical release captured players falling out from Battlefield 2 and well before MoH or CoD.   A game filled with innovation and design originality.  This is the first ever combination tower defense and squad shooter.  It is a  highly polished production with excellent ongoing support from the developers.  MNC’s only downfall is like that of many new multiplayer game innovations, it’s a great game – when people are playing it.

Ambitious as it is, few games can keep their audiences from Halo, CoD, MoH and BF franchises.   That said, UBER Entertainment is still keeping the game fresh with frequent updates and fine tuning, so there is still plenty of Monday Night Action left for fans.

Best Digital Download RPG Action – 2010

DeathSpank, Hothead Games

This is the best action rpg game we have seen in awhile.  DeathSpank incorporated a fantastic alotment of whimsical writing – courtesy of Monkey Island creator Ron Gilber – with a standard gameplay format that is familiar to any dungeon conquest fan.  What made DeathSpank stand out is the attention to writing, it’s superb audio quality and amount of content delivered within the confines of a digital download price point. In addition to all the above mentioned, it is the combination of all the little things that made DeathSpank stand out. The game features a vast inventory of items, weapons and clothing. Gilbert provides laugh out loud descriptions for literally all of them. Little nuances like this, allow the player to be continually drawn into the charming and crazy world of heroic hyperbole at every point of the game.

Plus props to the developers and Gilbert for putting animals in the game called Swamp Donkeys.

Best quotes:

I need demon poops, Just use this Special hammer to beat the crap out of demons…. Literally”


Orphan: I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.
DeathSpank: I’m not a stranger. I’m DeathSpank! Now get in the bag…
Orphan: Aren’t you supposed to give me candy first?
DeathSpank: There’s candy in the bag.
Orphan: Oh, no. I’m not falling for that again.


DeathSpank: I have a fever… and the only prescription is more sidequests!


Need we say more...

Best Digital Download Platformer – 2010

Ilomilo, Southend Interactive

IloMilo is a the sleeper hit of the year, launched exclusively for the Xbox Live Market Place.  It is a 3D based platformer featuring stunning art, design and music.  The game has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike and it has been referred to, more often, as art than game.

Beautiful?, yes, fun to play?, absolutely!  The game is addicting and fun.  The action gamer in you may eventually want to poke your eyes out due to the nauseatingly happy music in this game.  Should this happen to you, I recommend immediately switching to our next game in the list. …

Best Digital Download Button Masher – 2010

Shank, Klei Entertainment

Coming from Vancouver`s Klei Entertainment, Shank delivers bloody violence in a simplistic gameplay model that gamers can often crave.  The most notable achievement in Shank is the incredible art and animation.

I would liken the gameplay experience to a combination of watching an awesome, late night, cartoon on Adult Swim while mashing buttons on your controller to achieve the satisfaction of pure violence.  Klei CEO, Jamie Cheng described the game as an “ode to Double Dragon with a Tarantino film feel to it.”

While some critics flag this game for lack of depth, I applaud it it for its simplicity.   Every once in awhile, you gotta take a break and just let the demons out (with a chainsaw).

Best Digital Download Puzzle Game – 2010

Babo Crash HD (iPhone, Android, iPad), Playbrains

With so many huge titles dominating the Top 10 AppStore list, it is difficult to find the true gems.  With so many AppStore customers being so careful not to cross the devastating $0.99 pricepoint unless they know other people are playing the game, many titles reach the top simply based on following the crowd.

For great game design, Babo Crash HD gets the highest marks for addictive puzzle action.  Reviewed by one source as `Bejewelled on Steroids`, we even tried this game out against its rival Bejewelled 3 and found it no contest.

A content companion to Playbrain`s popular action shooter from Steam and Xbox Live Babo Crash, Babo Crash is a match 3 drop puzzle game that features appearances from the Babo Game Characters.  Paired with a compelling soundtrack, multiple game modes to suit your playing style this game has great mass appeal and something for everyone.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we announce the winner of theBest Digital Download Game 2010 Award!

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