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EA’s Holiday Gift for Gamers – 66 games go on sale for 99 cents in the iTunes App Store

Happy Holidays gamers from EA. For a limited time only EA have dropped prices about 90% on over 60 of their top tier games on the iTunes App Store. $0.99 is an amazing price for any of these EA games since the production values and polish on each is outstanding for a mobile platform. There are 53 Apps for the iPhone and iPod, and 13 more over in the iPad section. That is going to eat a lot of those iTunes cards you get in your xmas stockings, so what is a gamer to do? We have some reccomendations for what to scoop up before the sale ends.

There are a lot of great apps for hard core gamers, like Madden, Fifa, Battlefield: Bad Company, Command & Conquer, and The Sims (are there hard core Sims players?). In any case, if you are a fan of these major brands, then chances are you have already picked these games up at the regular price. If you aren’t a hard core enough gamer for that, then the 99 cent price tag probably won’t turn you into one.

EA also have a lot of licensed board game properties like Monopoly, Battleship, Trivia Pursuit, and the Game of Life. Again fanboy rules apply here as well. If you like these games you should probably already have. (If not, go get them, its only a buck)

The true hidden gems are games that are just really great to play on your iPhone or iPad:

Mirror’s Edge – If you only get one game in this sale, get Mirror’s Edge. The art style, soundtrack, and game play are truly outstanding. It’s a platformer, but it does not feel “copycat” in anyway. The look is exactly like the console counterparts, simple and mostly red and white. The swipe control scheme and almost constant forward motion make the game good quick fun.

Dragon’s Lair – Yes this is the same Arcade / Laser Disc classic that has been released on every platform know to gamers, but it is just so perfect on the iPhone. The sounds and graphics will take you back to your favorite 80s arcade. Dragon’s Lair is unforgivably challenging, requiring precise timing and much memorization of move patterns. It is hard to be frustrated with the difficulty when the death screens are so entertaining. The touch screen controls and especially the unlimited lives option make this the most entertaining version of “Simon” available in the app store.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit – There are at least 3 Need For Speed apps to choose from, but Hot Pursuit is the latest engine build and a return to the Cops and Robbers car chases from the earliest NFS games. The tilt steering and auto accelerate free you up just enough to manage your nitro and special traps. It has wifi multiplayer and a rich career mode (which was just updated). Without a crash mode this is the closest the iPhone will come to a Burnout game.

Spore – This is a relaxing little time killer. You start as a small organism and tilt around eating smaller organisms and avoiding bigger ones. You eat, grow, and evolve. The customizations of your organism (including using the iPhone camera to paint textures) makes the game really flexible. It’s like they took the “trippy” out of That Game Company‘s Flow on PS3 and added some “cutesy.”

Mass Effect Galaxy – The XBox 360 juggernaut RPG Mass Effect gets a mobile tie-in game. The gameplay may not be top notch, but the art, soundtrack and most of all story line makes this a good selection for someone looking for a game with some plot to take with them everywhere.

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