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Great Android Games that you cannot find on the iphone

If you are an Android gamer it can sometimes feel like the iPhone gets all the love and all the fun new games and all you can do is hope and wonder if those great iPhone games will find their way to the Android platform.  However there are a number of great Android games that are not available for the iphone.  The following is a list of some of the Android games that iPhone gamers wished they had.

Prism3D (HyperBees Ltd.)

Prism3D is a simple game in concept:  the player must guide a bouncing ball along a track made of blocks to the finish line by tilting the phone to make the ball move left, right forward or, backward.  If the ball falls off the edge of the track 3 times the player must restart the level. Each bounce gives the player points and certain blocks offer more points, some blocks take points away, some blocks can push the ball in different directions, some blocks collapse when landed on,  and so on. What sets this game apart is the complexity of the levels, the addicting points based leaderboard, and a map editor to allow players to create their own courses to bounce along. The myriad of block types and the fact that the higher point blocks are more difficult to get to makes Prism 3D a fun and challenging game.

Graviturn (Team Graviturn)

Another game with a very simply concept:  tilt the screen to make all the red circles fall off the screen (any edge of the screen counts).  However the game eventually introduces green circles that cannot leave the screen unless the player wants to start the level over.  This simple concept leads to some incredibly challenging levels that verge on the impossible.  This is a great game for people on the go as each level can be finished fairly quickly (until one reaches the more difficult levels).  Again online leaderboards offer some competitive spirit into the mix.

Newton (Badlogic Games)

The player must guide a bullet fired from a yellow spaceship to a hole positioned somewhere on the map.   The bullet can only fire in a straight line but the bullet can bounce off certain objects to provide new trajectories, certain objects pull the bullet towards it while other objects push the bullet away.  Most of these objects (except for the bullet) can be maneuvered around the level by touching and dragging them creating a fun and at times frantic puzzle shooter.  Newton also features a map editor and one’s own creations can be uploaded online for other players to enjoy.

LightUp (ChickenBrick Studios)

Another simple concept:  the player drags his or her finger over the grey squares to turn all the grey squares blue.   Sounds easy enough, the catch?  The puzzle must be solved in one go and in one line.  In other words, once a square is turned blue the player cannot drag his or her finger along that square to finish the puzzle.   Once a square is blue it locks that square out of play.  As the puzzles get more difficult it becomes increasingly easy to leave a few stranded grey squares requiring a level restart.  LightUp is surprisingly addictive and a great puzzle game for when one is on the move.

Speedx 3D (HyperBees)

Speedx 3D is a fast paced 3D racing game that has the player hurtling down a track while avoiding obstacles by tilting his or her phone left or right.  Certain coloured tracks will offer lives and  power-ups. The star of this game is the track itself, which moves and uncurls itself from a tunnel to a flat surface to a tube the player rides along the outside of.  Though Speedx is not the most original game on this list the graphics look great, the music is perfect, online leaderboards offer some competition, and the game is just fun to play.   Also Speedx 3D offers a stereoscopic mode, so get out those old blue and red 3D glasses because it’s race time.

Android specific games may be slow to come out but if what has been created so far is any indication it seems that Android users can expect a bright future for innovative, addictive, and fun games.  The games listed here are not all of the high quality games offered on the Android Market but these games highlight the variety of experiences Android gamers can have.  So if you are an Android user, and you think that the iPhone has all the fun, remember that there are some great games for your phone ready for you to try.


  1. It is suprising how many Android games have that “Abstract” look and feel to them. This is a very good indication that indie developers are more willing to utilize the freedom of the android marketplace to experiment with game design and play mechanics.

    The games shown here would likely not succeed on the AppStore against the polish of higher budget games that likely offer an inferior gameplay experience.

  2. Demo says:

    Sorry i really dont agree with the position that higher budget and better presented games automatically mean that ghetto abstract games play better. Look at games like Azkend, Dragon Portals, or many others that play amazing and look great doing it. SpeedX 3D Droid hardly looks as compelling as Jet Car Stunts on iOS.

    I think it just means that the android development platform hasn’t matured yet. Low budget one man operations where the developer himself owns a droid and HATES the iOS platform. If Android can solve the horrible piracy issues and platform fragmentation then you will see funded developers move in and shove these best ofs aside.

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