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Fare City Review (iPhone)

Fare City Review (iPhone)
Game Name: Fare City
Platforms: iPhone
Publisher(s): Finkly Interactive
Genre(s): Line Tracing
Release Date: March 2010

Fare City by Finkly Interactive has been out for some time but I do like to breathe life back into great games that can be lost in the vast ocean of the AppStore.

Line tracing games gained in popularity in early 2010 but lost some of their appeal as casual users got caught up in the 3 star puzzle craze with the likes of Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope etc.   Fare City launched late into the line drawing phase but brought alot to the table with clean, polished design and a variety of playmodes.

In Fare City, you draw paths for taxis to passengers and then their destinations.  The line tracing is quick and responsive and uses a snap to grid system that allows users to be accurate and fast.   To keep things simple, there is a wraparound feature on the map that keeps cars from driving off the map with your passengers.  As you continue, more passengers appear on the map and more taxis become available.

Fare City delivers a casual, yet challenging game experience without getting too frantic.  It has a very subtle escalation of difficulty that offers just a touch of forgiveness at higher levels.  If you have more than 2 taxis and there is a collision, you will be able to keep playing with your remaining taxi until more return to the game.  This is much better than the sudden death experience that dominates almost every other line tracing game.

Fare City offers 4 game modes and a number of interesting map variations.

The music and art lend perfectly to the platform and allow this game to have a broad appeal to a large audience.   If you are as tired as I am of squawking feathers, fruity ninjas or rope swinging frogs, give Fare City another chance, its available for only 0.99 or in a free lite version as well.

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