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OnLive Teams Up With Vizio For HDTV, Phone, Tablet and Blue-Ray Integration

Our first bit of news from the new year finds cloud gaming service OnLive will now be integrated into all HDTV, phone, tablet and blu-ray players made by Vizio.

The company is currently at CES in Las Vegas, where they will be demonstrating the HDTV integration at CES, with the promise of rolling out hardware before the end of 2011.

Vizio has claimed that their HDTVs will give users access to OnLive games as simple as flipping channels, while the VIA Plus range of Blu-ray players, tablets and phones will also offer service – alongside Vizio internet apps.

“Today’s OnLive/Vizio announcement marks a major milestone: for the first time in the history of videogames, consumers will be able to enjoy premium videogames directly on a TV, no console or computer needed,” offered Steve Perlman, CEO of OnLive.

“Vizio’s innovative and cutting-edge technologies are ideally aligned to complement OnLive’s vision for the future of entertainment and together we look forward to providing a wealth of rich-media, interactive content to consumers this year.”

“Consumer adoption and feedback on VIA has been phenomenal, and we’re excited to work with OnLive to bring instant gaming direct to our products,” added Matthew McRae, chief technology officer at Vizio.

OnLive is currently available on PC and MAc, as well as being accessible via a MicroConsole ($99), which plugs directly into your TV hardware.

“Besides having on demand access to top movies, TV shows, and music, VIA Plus users will also be able to enjoy the unparalleled convenience of playing the latest hit gaming titles with the freedom to switch games much like you change the channel.”

Essentially, we now have the power to do what Hotel on-demand services have been charging us to do for years.

Or maybe this is bigger news than I can comprehend right now. My brain is either still on vacation or has suffered significant atrophy over the holidays.


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