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Apple iPad 2 Event Coverage

Apple’s Live iPad 2 event is only minutes away.  Check here for updates.

Apple is not providing a live video feed.  Many eager fans are losing connections to the user streamed video and live blogs, if you are having trouble with any of the following live blogs, have no fear, we will be providing updates at, feel free to bookmark us now.  (press CTRL D).


Live Blogs: (Update: gizmodo is down, your best bet is MobileCrunch or MacWorld)


09:52 PST: Almost Ready to go, everyone is seated.  Pixar’s John Lasseter has been spotted.

09:55PST: I think Apple thinks everyone is a Beatles fan.  Make it stop!

09:58 PST: 2 minutes!

10:00PST: Please silence your phones, (those watching live video from cell phones may lose your connections now.)

10:03PST: Steve Jobs is on stage!

Apple sold over 15 million iPads in 2010, generating over 9.5 billion in revenues for the company.

90% Market Share

65,000 unique ipad apps are available.

100 unique Android tablet apps.  (DDGameWorld translates the facts: Apple iPad: WIN, Android Tablet: DNF)

New genre in computing is born: “POST-PC Device”

So far, they’ve dropped “revolutionary”, “magic”, and “game changer”

And here it comes… the iPad 2!!! …

  • Dual Core Processors, Up to 2x faster CPU (a5)
  • Front and Rear Cameras
  • Gyroscope
  • 1/3thinner (13.4mm -> 8mm), thinner than the iPhone 4
  • 1.5lbs-> 1.3 lbs
  • Comes in white (ships white on day one, audience laughs)
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Price point remains at $799USD with 5 of 6 models priced less (see pic below)
  • March 11 in the US, March 25 in many others

  • HDMI mirrored output
  • Up to 1080 P
  • Works with all apps
  • Supports rotation
  • No setup or config

Polyeurethane ($39) and Leather ($69) will ship in multiple colours and feature a magnetic holder that wakes and sleeps the ipad when used.  The cover folds back to create a stand for the pad.


And that folks is the iPad2, Scott Forstall takes the stage to talk tech and performance and the upgrades expected in 4.3 to benefit iPad 1 & 2.

iOS4.3 with improved javascript, Safari, and Facetime between all apple OS devices ships March 11 (FREE).

Steve Jobs returns to the stage.  Audience approves: New iMovie for iPAD and , wait for it, GARAGE BAND for iPad!!!

Garageband is getting alot of “facetime”, it is fully featured and jam packed with instruments.  Touch and pressure sensitive control allows users to create music on any instrument.

Steve Jobs; “A lot of folks in this tablet market are rushing in, looking at this as the next PC. hardware and software are done by different companies, talking about speeds just as they would with PCs. Every bone in our body says this is not the right approach”

Jobs thanks the build team, family and friends and that’s a wrap folks. There is a whole new world of possibilities for iOS gaming and we are left, after this launch, pretty excited. Being in Canada, it’s going to be an excruciating long wait until 26Mar11 or however long it takes to get our hand on one.


  1. rand says:

    Annual Joke: This is great and all, but I’m holding out for the next JooJoo! It has the largest app store in the world!

  2. March 26th or not, the question is if Apple will keep charging Canadians exchange premiums like it’s 2001 and not 2011. Expect to add $50+ to each model even at par.

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