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World of Goo launches on iPad, Developer 2D Boy provides own review.

World of Goo launches on iPad, Developer 2D Boy provides own review.
Game Name: World of Goo
Platforms: iPad
Developer(s): 2D Boy
Genre(s): Casual
ESRB Rating: n/a

The standard practice for launching a game in the Digital Download Industry is as follows:

  1. Announce your intent to release a game.
  2. Finish the game.
  3. Upload the game.
  4. Post, spam and generally inundate all forms of social media that your game exists in hopes that it will stand out, if for but a few short weeks. (or days…or hours….)
  5. Wait for sales revenue to accumulate.  (While waiting, entertain yourself by reading the user reviews.)

World of Goo developer, 2D Boy, decided to take control of this final step by providing a response to the user reviews and a publicly viewable design analysis.



2D Boy delivers an interesting read about their experience with releasing an established title in the AppStore. Often reserved for industry publications and conference presentations, design analysis and project postmortems are seldom made available at the consumer level.   World of Goo has met with considerable success on the PC as well as a downloadable Wii title.  (You can check out World of Goo (PC), in our store.) After a failed attempt to launch the game on the iPhone last year, the game did successfully launch on the iPad via the AppStore.  As we have discussed many times here at DDGW, the AppStore is a wildly different environment for selling games that requires a different approach to developing, launching, and marketing your game.

As for a review of the game, I believe their own design analysis says it all.  That said, I gave it 5 stars in the appstore and 4.5/5 here at DDGW.  It is truly original, captivating and addictive.  What more could you ask for in a casual game?

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