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2011 Fan Expo – Gaming Gurus and Celebrity Guests!

Fan Expo 2011 is fast approaching and Toronto’s Geek scene is abuzz with anticipation.  While much of the FanExpo scene is content media related, focusing on comic books, cartoons and sci fi.  This still a big event for gamers as well.  Fan Expo GX is the Gaming Expo and some of the electronic and gaming industry’s most elite personalities, creators and iconic authors have been announced to appear at the GX – Gaming Expo 

Celebrity voices behind some of today’s hottest video games including Eliza Dushku (Rubi Malone of
WET), Lance Henriksen (Shepard in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) and Elias Toufexis (Assassin’s Creed)
will join gaming stars of The Electric Playground (Victor Lucas) and celebrated authors of iconic role
playing games (RPG) such as Dungeons & Dragons, Cybergeneration and Mage.

GX Celebrity Guests Include:
Syd Bolton (Curator – Personal Computer & Video Game Museum)
Brentalfloss (Youtube sensation And Video Game Musician)
Jarett Cale (Jeremy – Pure Pwnage)
Eliza Dushku (Rubi Malone – WET)
Ed Greenwood (Author / Creator – Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons)
Shaun Hatton (Correspondent – The Electric Playground)
Lance Henriksen (Shepherd – Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)
Geoff Lapaire (Kyle – Pure Pwnage)
Jonathan Lavallee (Author – Cybergeneration)
Robin D. Laws (Author – Dungeons & Dragons, Heroquest)
Matt Levitan (Director of Marketing / Public Relations – Sony Computer Entertainment Canada)
Victor Lucas (Creator / Producer / Host – The Electric Playground)
Red Vs Blue (Stars of the Web-series Red Vs Blue)
Malcolm Sheppard (Author – White Wolf)
Tommy Tallarico (Music Composer – Video Games Live)
Elias Toufexis (Star Voice of Deus Ex: Revolution, Max Steel and Assassin’s Creed)
Pieter Van Hiel (Author – Sanguine Productions)

Key Features and Highlights of the GX – Gaming Expo:
• Canadian National Gaming Tournaments – witness the top players clash in the National Tournaments
for video games, role playing games, collectable card games, miniature games and more
• Autograph Sessions – meet and seek autographs from gaming professionals
• Q&A Sessions – ask the questions you have always wanted of to gaming experts
• Guest Speakers – participate in presentations by gaming industry members
• Workshops and Seminars – learn about working in the Gaming industry
• Canada’s largest Masquerade on Saturday, Aug.27th – dress up as your favourite gaming character
• 600 commercial exhibitors and retailers will offer everything from comics, graphic novels, trades, toys,
games, videos, DVDs, original artwork, posters and more
• Industry Preview Area – see the latest products and services and get a sneak peek at upcoming

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