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Avenger 360 Controller Mod – Review

Avenger 360 Controller Mod – Review
Game Name: Avenger 360 Controller Mod - Review
Developer(s): N-Control

If you are an online FPS player, gaining any small advantage is worth a lot. Earning longer killstreaks, the prestige of landing higher on the scoreboard, and so on. Barring outright cheats, any device that can give an advantage is worth a look.  N-Control’s 360 Avenger Mod was developed with this in mind.   We play tested the Avenger over multiple months to give us ample time to adapt to the new layout and give a fair review.   So how did it do? Read on to find out!

N-Control's 360 Avenger

Major Features:
3 arms that allow the player to remote press the X, Y, and B buttons without changing grip or moving the thumbs off the sticks.
Bipod legs that keeps the underside of the controller raised from interference without requiring actually lifting the controller.
Smooth rubberized palmrests which reduce slipping.
“Planks” with dual configurations – one allows hairtrigger action, the other allows users to pull the triggers with their middle fingers. In either case, the users’ index fingers can rest on the bumpers full time, or can slide down and pull the planks if desired.

3 arms: Using the buttons without lifting your thumb off the RStick is easily learned and very effective. In games like Section8: Predjudice, it allowed the user to steer around corners while reloading, changing grenade type or switching weapons. This small benefit gave a definite advantage on the battlefield. There were a number of times when the reviewer was able to definitively notice he couldn’t have otherwise made the escape, or kill. The B button is especially good, requiring a truly minimal roll of the right palm against the controller. Each arm can be gently bent and adjusted to the position desired. The X arm being the longest occasionally needs readjustment as it gradually bends outwards over the course of several dozen taps. A bigger stiffer X arm would be a good upgrade for the Avenger in a future model. Remotely pressing the buttons becomes so easy and effective that it leaves the reviewer wishing there was a remote A button arm as well, but I can’t imagine how it would be arranged.

The Bipod legs seemed at the start to be the least useful feature, but quickly became really appreciated. Lying back on the couch and propping the controller up on your belly is very comfortable. With the bipod lifting the controller up, there’s no interference from sweaters etc…
The rubberized texture is well done and shows as a high quality product. Although its not going to make or break your game, given the choice, the texture is nicer than the hard plastic of the 360 controller.
The planks were tried in both configurations. In the first mode, the trigger can be activated with your pinky fingers on a hair press. This was easy to set up. Relearning to fire with the third finger instead of the index finger never really felt natural and the reviewer gradually reverted to pulling on the planks with his index fingers. The hair trigger feature worked as advertised, but any increase in response was tempered by getting the index finger past the pivot for the plank which sits between the bumper and the top of the trigger. The secondary configuration where the planks are hooked up to the user’s middle finger (while keeping indexes on the bumpers) was a bit easier to learn since the loops act sort of like a “reminder”. Still this reviewer never quite got the hang of not using his index fingers to pull the gun triggers. In a future version of the Avenger, this reviewer would like to see a rocker that bridges the bumper and trigger, letting the user apply up or down pressure to activate either the bumper or the trigger without moving his finger, and giving up any analog action on the trigger pull.


Kontrol Freek controller Mod installed on 360 Controller

Out of the box, the 360 Avenger is not compatible with Joystick Extenders, such as Kontrol Freeks. Fortunately there is a workaround called the Dime Trick, where you put a dime in the extender before attaching it to the controller, and this works without issue. Still, it would be nice if a future version of the Avenger supported extenders without workarounds.
The controller is purpose built to enhance FPS play. We tried a variety of non shooter action games and it didn’t feel as natural. It’s easy to pop the Avenger off the controller so no points were deducted here.

Is it a Cheat?
This reviewer does not consider the Avenger to be a cheat. There is no autofire or silicon doing any of the work for you. The player is still pressing the buttons for every action.

Ways to fairly improve performance at MP shooters have a high value, it just makes you enjoy the play that much more. The Avenger is absolutely purpose built to do just that. The remote button press features already provide a noticeable improvement in play. The bipod and grip texture is just gravy. The plank configurations didn’t work for us, but they didn’t hinder play either: YMMV. On the other hand, we could imagine enough ways to improve the product that its not possible to give it a perfect score. After extended play, we definitely would not want to play without it.



UPDATE: N-Control has released the Avenger for PS3 in recent weeks.  While we see the success of the controller on the 360 controller, it remains to be seen how this design will adapt to the leaner Playstation controller.  If you’ve had a chance to try it, let us know what you think.

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