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How Blizzard Entertainment and Diablo III is saving the world.

May 15, 2012 was reserved by many as a day to squander and enjoy.  Fake sick notes, false claims of recent deaths in the family, skype and facebook statuses set to “offline” were just some of the clues that something big was about to happen.   As Gamers rushed to local stores for components and upgrades for their long neglected PC’s, Blizzard Entertainment prepared to launch, after 10 long years, Diablo III.

It was a special day for me as well.  It was the first time in 7 years that I actually purchased, from my favorite retail games store, a boxed copy of a PC Game.  $59.99 plus tax for a box full of cardboard and paper inserts that could not fill all the empty space because it was so huge, just so I could get my hands on that little DVD disc with what promised to be the comeback title for the PC gaming industry.

After an hour of installing on my super awesome Asus – Republic of Gamers System, I got this:

After some time, I gave up and went to bed.  The next day, I woke up refreshed after having 8 hours of unexpected sleep, went to work and then came home, had supper and tried again.  What I got was everything I hoped.  A  great game, great visuals and a great gameplay experience.  For about 40 minutes until I got this;

Once again, I gave up and went to bed.

The next day I woke up, refreshed went to work etc.  Since then, I have enjoyed Diablo III with little interruption, I’m playing in nightmare mode right now and am even rediscovering why this repetitive game has such replay-ability amongst its fans.  Until today when I experienced the new “Diablo III is already running error” which is a looping error with its patch process.

It’s my day off.  I had hoped to play a few levels and enjoy some downtime.    Instead, I got caught up on some work and that’s when it hit me; Blizzard Entertainment and Diablo III is trying to save the world.

Just as I was starting to get addicted to this ridiculous, repetitive game, Blizzard sends a wake-up call in the form of error messages.

Perhaps, Blizzard and Jane McGonigal are working together and these little interruptions in our gaming experience are simply being placed to encourage us to think about the world around us.  Maybe they just want gamers to take a moment, tidy their desk, do some laundry.  Perhaps they see this as the beginning of something bigger, once we have clean desks and underpants, what then could we achieve?

Maybe we are just playing alpha concepts of McGonigal’s future 1000 year game.

Or maybe Blizzard just fucked up and shipped a poorly planned game with the stupid notion that they could run real money auction house servers in asia without a million people trying to exploit the shit out of it.

That said, we can, at least, credit them with one thing:

That’s right! Digital Download Game World is back!  As it was in 2008, there is just so much happening right now that we can’t just sit still without chiming in with our views, predictions and opinions.

Next time you see a Diablo III server message, you can be sure there will be a new post right here at DDGW!

English: Game designer and author Jane McGonig...

English: Game designer and author Jane McGonigal on stage at Meet the Media Guru in Milan, Italy, May 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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