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Angry Ninjas by God Mode Games

Angry Ninjas by God Mode Games
Game Name: Angry Ninjas
Platforms: iOS / iPhone / iPad
Developer(s): God Mode Games
Genre(s): Arcade / Casual
Release Date: July 2012
ESRB Rating: N/A



Angry Ninjas is an action-packed swiping game where you play as a ninja cutting down hordes of angry ninjas earning gold and glory. Using your finger as your weapon and swiping as your attacks slice through waves of relentless ninjas. Learn each ninja’s weakness and build-up huge combos to rack up massive points. Finish your attack in style with a devastating fatality leaving only the remains of your enemies behind.

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Angry Ninjas is the first project shipped by the Vancouver based studio, God Mode Games.  It combines the casual gameplay elements of multiple smash hits from the appstore into one addictively fun package.   Like most of the current, popular, casual titles, Angry Ninjas focuses on a few key gameplay elements, in this case, pattern recognition and directional swipes.

It takes a bit of time to get going as there are quite a few levels of training to swipe your way through, 105 Challenges to be exact.  During the challenges you will be introduced to the different colour ninjas and you will need to remember what direction to swipe to successfully attack the ninja.  Timing is also key, if you don’t time your attack the ninja will parry your attack and  strike.

Once you start Survival and Race Mode you will soon see the value of patience and taking the time to train through the challenge levels.  A few visits to the Dojo for weapon upgrades and Rage boosts are also invaluable to your overall experience.  The hardest part is remembering which direction to swipe when the attacks start coming fast and furious.  Damn you RED NINJA!

So after years of playing scores of iOS games and looking beyond the nauseating and inexplicably popular franchises that have come from the appstore, we are quite impressed with Angry Ninjas.  It is, in short, suprisingly addictive and a superior application of this gameplay type.

A few tips:

  • Train young Padawan, or you will never see Wave 3.
  • If you can’t remember how to attack a certain ninja, tap the question mark on the title screen for a description of each of the ninjas
  • hold your ipad or phone steady when the fighting gets frantic.  If you hold your phone at an angle, then you may have trouble with the Red, Blue, Yellow and Violet Ninja.
  • Rage is your friend, embrace it and definitely remember to stop at the Dojo before trying to break any records.



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